How to use queries and indentation in Logseq

In just 23 minutes, Dario da Silva teaches everything you need to know to find back your notes using queries.

Queries are a powerful feature to quickly pull together notes from across your graph. But the query syntax can be intimidating for new Logseq users. In less than half an hour, Dario da Silva (OneStutteringMind) shows you exactly how to structure your notes and find them back using queries.

From the video description:

In this video I break down how to use queries, which is a key part of most of my Logseq workflows and will hopefully help you take your database to the next level. In conjunction with this, I also break down how to use indenting effectively. The video is more suited to beginners, but there might be one or two tricks here for the old-hands.


  • 01:10 Why do I indent?
  • 01:42 Introducing parent and child blocks
  • 02:46 The beauty of indenting
  • 03:43 A quick note on sibling blocks
  • 03:57 Linking in Logseq
  • 04:29 Using queries in Logseq
  • 05:00 Query syntax in Logseq and output
  • 07:22 Using Boolean logic in Logseq queries
  • 08:05 'And' logic in query
  • 09:17 'Or' logic in query
  • 10:30 'Not' logic in query
  • 12:02 Why use a query rather than searching?
  • 12:42 Query syntax for Properties
  • 13:47 Query syntax for TODOs
  • 14:51 Query examples

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