Why Dario da Silva chose Logseq over Roam, Obsidian and Athens

Choose your tools wisely. Dario picked Logseq because of its ease of use, data ownership, community, cost, and more.

If you aren't sure if you want to go with Logseq and are comparing tools, this video by Dario da Silva (OneStutteringMind) will be useful. In just 9 minutes, he outlines his seven reasons for choosing Logseq. This isn't a comparison on feature-level, but it rather focuses on the overall product feel.

From the video description:

If you're still having a look around at note-taking apps and wondering which one is for you, hopefully this video will provide some insight. I am not an experienced user of any of the other apps, so I've tried for the most part to frame "why Logseq" i.e. pull factors rather than "why not other app" i.e. push factors.


  • 00:00 Introduction and context
  • 01:20 Ease of use of Logseq
  • 02:39 Note ownership for privacy and longevity
  • 03:28 "The vibe of it"
  • 04:09 Speed of development of Logseq
  • 04:44 The great Logseq community
  • 05:45 The cost comparison vs Roam & Athens
  • 07:54 The awesome knowledge graph

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