How to write long form using Logseq

Aryan Sawhney shows you how a plugin and some CSS snippets turn your Logseq into a fully featured writing tool.

Do you like to outline in Logseq but use another Markdown editor for long form writing? No need for that! In this 13-minute video, Aryan Sawhney shows you how to use the Focus Mode plugin in combination with one of Logseq beautiful themes to create a distraction-free writing environment.


  • 01:30 Focus mode plugin
  • 03:20 Document Mode
  • 06:30 CSS Tweaks
  • 09:00 Quattro Theme
  • 11:00 Bear Theme
  • 11:40 Bonus Tip

Screenshots from the video

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Notion image
Notion image
Notion image

Links mentioned in the video

Focus Mode plugin (available in the Marketplace)

CSS tweaks

Quattro Theme (available in the Marketplace)

Bear Theme (available in the Marketplace)

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