How to use Obsidian and Logseq together and why Markdown matters

In this 8-minute video, Bas Grolleman (Tools on Tech) explains why and how he uses Obsidian and Logseq in combination—on the same notes.

Because Obsidian and Logseq work both with local Markdown files, combining them is easy. In this short video, Bas Grolleman (Tools on Tech) shows why and how he uses both tools in combination.

From the video description:

I setup my system so I can use both at the same time and as I was hooking this up it hit me that an open backend like Markdown is super important. So only thing to do then is make a video. I'm also spending a little bit of time on how to backup Todoist/Notion, for when you don't want to switch systems but do want to sleep better.


  • 00:59 Why Both?
  • 01:34 Make Logseq and Obsidian work together
  • 03:12 Why Markdown Matters
  • 04:13 What about online tools like Notion?
  • 04:57 How to make backups
  • 05:40 Backup Todoist
  • 06:18 Backup Notion
  • 06:55 Benefits of using multiple tools

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