Getting Started With Logseq Workflow Design ft. Dario da Silva (OneStutteringMind)

You can use Logseq for nearly anything; from simple scratchpad to fully-fledged project management tool. But how do you go from just taking notes to running processes, all within Logseq?

On Wednesday the 30th of March, our community manager Ramses was joined by Dario da Silvia to talk about designing workflows for Logseq. Dario runs the popular YouTube channel OneStutteringMind and has helped many knowledge workers think more clearly about how to get results with Logseq.



  • 0:00 Session introduction by Ramses
  • 1:43 Introduction by Dario and how he got into Personal Knowledge Management
  • 3:48 Ramses' journey to Personal Knowledge Management
  • 6:07 How to get started with using thinking tools when the map of the territory isn't clear yet
  • 10:38 The features that got Ramses hooked on networked note-taking
  • 12:42 How Roam and Logseq helped Ramses retrieve and compare information
  • 14:29 How Dario discovered the power of block references
  • 15:51 Ramses' newsletter creation workflow using block references
  • 18:21 How Ramses uses the CODE framework for content creation and word memos
  • 23:38 Documenting vs designing workflows
  • 24:37 Dario's adaption of Joel Chan's research workflow
  • 34:21 How to get started with workflow design if you don't fully know the capabilities of a tool yet
  • 39:04 The two most important features to get started with as a Logseq beginner
  • 39:47 A word on exporting/sharing from Logseq
  • 41:20 Ramses' workflow to design and refine workflows
  • 45:17 An example of a refined workflow and how Ramses got to it
  • 51:09 Start of Q&A
  • 51:19 Q&A: How to collaborate with others in a Logseq graph?
  • 52:03 Q&A: Will deep linking to Logseq from other apps be possible?
  • 52:33 Q&A: What are best practices to collaborate with others in a Logseq graph?
  • 54:52 Q&A: What are our favorite use cases for properties in Logseq?
  • 59:37 How Dario uses the query table functionality in combination with properties
  • 1:01:56 The usefulness of (block) properties
  • 1:03:59 Q&A: What are tips for beginners beyond linking and indenting notes? (Answer: queries)
  • 1:04:15 A demo of Ramses' content creation pipeline (built using queries)
  • 1:07:29 Dario on the similarities between columns in tools like Notion/Airtable and Logseq properties
  • 1:09:20 Q&A: Are there any plans for CSV export from Logseq?
  • 1:10:29 How Dario uses Miro to design workflows and the importance of having a visual language
  • 1:13:57 Q&A: Can you give a summary of the principles for collaboration in Logseq?
  • 1:15:11 Sneak peek: Logseq's new Community Hub
  • 1:19:19 Wrap-up

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