How to sync Logseq Android using Google drive

Learn within 10 minutes how to sync your graph between Logseq for Android and other devices.

Keep your Logseq graph automatically synced with your Android device. Follow these easy steps by Ed Nico to ensure your graph is always synced across your devices.



1. Download the Android mobile application on your phone from GitHub. 2. Install the application (there may be a few security pop ups that need to be accepted). 3. On your Android phone, open Google Play Store and search for “Autosync for Google Drive”. Install the app and allow the app permissions to your mobile storage. 4. Connect the app to your Google Drive’s account. Choose the option that says: “Choose what to sync”. The app will then create a folder for you, that exists in both on your Google Drive and in your mobile storage. This will then continuously sync any changes in one to the other so that you can always have the latest version of your notes with you. 5. Now open the Logseq Mobile app and “Add new graph” pointing the directory to the folder created by Autosync (DriveSyncFiles). 6. On your computer, copy the files from your previous chosen directory into the “DriveSyncFiles” directory – on the phone, open Autosync and click sync and wait for the sync to complete. 7. On the Logseq mobile app, click the top left burger button, click the graph name and re-index. 8. Don’t forget to change the directory your computer Logseq points to (change this to the “DriveSyncFiles” directory so that you can have your computer and mobile notes in sync and always use the latest version.

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